Do you remember that the blind Bulgarian oracle anticipated the September 9 attacks, as well as the rise of ISIS?

People usually reject its prophecies about today’s political situation, but it does have a long history of accurate prophecies behind. She cited hundreds of predictions about the future, which were 85% precise.

Such predictions, including climate change and global warming, predicted them back in 1950, saying: “Cold regions will get warm … volcanoes will wake up.”

She warned that a group of Muslim extremists would attack Europe in 2012, predicting a “Muslim war” that would begin by the Arabs in Syria. She said that Muslim extremists would attack Europe, after which the continent would disappear. She particularly emphasized that the extremists would use a chemical way of warfare against Europe.

She claimed that Obama is the last president of the United States. Does that mean that Trump, and the rest of the world, will do something wrong?

Her political predictions are precise and accurate, but her family says she has never said that there will be a Third World War. According to her words 2016 is a key year for mankind and the development of future developments. We just have to wait for us.

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