Muses are inspiring goddesses of literature, knowledge and art in Greek mythology. They were considered a source of knowledge, as well as for the protectors of all creative works. Well, if you want your muse to give you a great life inspiration, choose the one that attracts you most and find out what kind of message the muse reveals to you …

The first muse

This muse wants to remind you that your family is the most important thing. But keep in mind that a family is everyone you choose for a loved one, which means that you do not have to be bloodied. Your family may consist of close friends, loved ones, and relatives – all those with whom you are in some way strongly linked. Never forget that these people are the most important in your life. They can feel what you feel, know what you are doing and understand your thoughts, even without talking to them.

The second muse

This muse wants to remind you that change is part of life and that you have nothing to fear. You have started the natural cycle of growth and development, so it seems to you how everything in your life is changing. Accept this and know it is part of your life journey. Do not fight the changes. If you feel bad, you must immediately do something to cause a change. Never forget that you have a lot to offer to the world, so do not close yourself in your own thoughts.

The third muse

This muse wants to remind you to start thinking of a worthy person who sets the foundations of his house. This house is actually your life – whether it’s a study, a career, a new life choice, a new diet … you decide where you are going and how you move. But do not hurry, take enough time to achieve all your goals and believe in your vision. Once you know exactly what you want, you will not be able to err. For you there will no longer be darkness and light – only life, raw, free and clear life.

The fourth muse

This muse wants to remind you of the energy and wisdom of dreams. Perhaps at this moment you are observing, thinking about yourself and analyzing your actions, so do not rush – take enough time for thinking, dreaming, or acting. Answer all questions and find solutions to all the problems that are hiding deep within you. It’s time for listening, so listen to your thoughts. This muse encourages you to exit the practical, logical mind in order to access all your goals with serenity and joy.

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