It is known that character is a group of qualities that people have and which to a certain extent determine how we behave among other people. But before you determine who you are, you must understand your character and behavior. For example, try answering some questions like: What do you like, what made you happy when you were a child, what is the perfect day for you, what is most frightening you, which pleases you … When answering these simple questions you can Use this information to check what your character is. There are many types of characters, but it’s sometimes difficult to classify a particular person in just one type. Why is that? In a few words, a person has many different qualities, each of which may belong to different classifications of characters.

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So if you want to better define your character, make this simple test. All you have to do is select one sky from the image above. Who knows, you may discover a page of your character that you did not know anything about.

Sky number 1

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You have chosen the first option which means that you are a very sincere and authentic person. You can not stand when people are dishonest, because it is going crazy. You are always trying to do your best wherever you are: at work, at school, at home … everywhere. That’s why friends, colleagues and family treat you well.

They can rely on you and love you. It may not be visible to others, but you are sensitive, especially when it comes to exchanging angry words. Words hurt you, but you are always trying to be kind to people who use it against you.

Sky number 2

3-choose-sky-which-most-you-are-dopagja-and-discover-go-your-hidden-character-www, kafepauza.mk_

You chose the second sky. That means you do not want to argue and always choose peace instead of quarreling. Your attitude to the world and people in your surroundings is pretty calm, you are a mixture of an extroverted and introverted person who can be very sweet and funny with those who love them.

It is true that you have no problem giving good words to those who have deserved it. You are truly generous and try to be the best person for others to respect you, especially those you respect.

Sky number 3

4-choose-sky-which-most-you-are-dopagja-and-discover-go-your-hidden-character-www, kafepauza.mk_

If you most liked the third heaven, your choice says you are a spontaneous person. Moreover, the best things in your life happen only when you accept them and you decide to face the consequences in the near or distant future.

People in your surroundings want you the way you are. Mostly because you are full of positive energy that you always spread around. Believe in your instincts, feelings and intuition, because that’s the easiest way to succeed.

Sky number 4

5-choose-sky-which-most-you-are-dopagja-and-discover-go-your-hidden-character-www, kafepauza.mk_

If you have chosen the fourth heaven, first in the second row, that means you are considered a very interesting person who always wants to learn some new things. You are very curious, so there are many things that interest you. Quickly bothering you, so you have to focus on things that meet your interests and passions.

In short, people around you love your company, although sometimes you do not feel comfortable with them, because from time to time you want to be with yourself.

Sky number 5

6-choose-sky-which-most-you-are-dopagja-and-discover-go-your-hidden-character-www, kafepauza.mk_

This picture shows a night sky with storms. Your choice means that you are a person who can connect with others only if you allocate enough time for a conversation. You are hiding your emotions, rather than showing them openly, even when you are close to those you fully understand.

When the opening time opens, you allow other people to see the world in a different way, so your family and friends can use your point of view for their benefit.

Sky number 6

7-choose-nebo-koe-most-you-are-dopagja-and-discover-go-your-hidden-character-www, kafepauza.mk_

This blue and cloudy sky shows that you are a person who values ​​his independence. In fact, sometimes you are going to become rebellious. However, you do not want to argue and try to balance your need for freedom and space with the care of others.

On the other hand, you are always trying to use it every day and you never allow negative energy to affect you. But sometimes you can not escape it and you have to accept things as they are.

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