Sex at the beginning of the relationship is exciting and different from sex with former partners. But when the guys start to fall in love, everything changes and sex becomes completely different. If you recognize your partner in the following few situations during your love, you can be sure that you have conquered your heart …

How do they love men who are truly in love with their partner?

He kisses you more often and longer

Kisses are a very intimate act for men. That’s why, they are one of the first signs that he is thinking about a serious relationship and can imagine your common future. If he kisses you more often than before, and he kisses your whole body longer, he wants to let you know that you really like him and that he really cares about you.

He is devoted to sex

Men who only want to enjoy sex, but not in the relationship, will not get too busy about foreplay and the time that women need to get excited about. If your partner takes care of you, he will do his best to make you happy with sex and feel the importance of it.

He wants to please you

Valentine boys ask their partner what they like during sex and listen carefully to their answers. Men who do not want a serious relationship do not feel the need to talk to their partner about her wishes, nor do they have fun after sex.

He is always cautious and generous

Valentine’s are generous lovers, not just the first few times, but most of the time. This is because they are interested and want a relationship that will be more than ordinary sex. That’s why they are trying to understand what’s important to you, what your erogenous zones are and when you feel best.

He is always relaxed and his own

When the guys are relaxed and do not rush to leave after the intimate moments, it’s a good sign that they are in love or fell in love. For the same reason, they will not constantly try to impress you and show you how perfect they are in bed.

Looks at the small things

They pay attention to the atmosphere and try to be romantic at the meeting. They pay attention to small details such as candlelight dinner and pleasant music to show you how much you mean. Also, they want to hang out with their friends and go on short trips. Men who are interested only in sex and fun would never involve you so much in their lives.

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