US President Donald Trump said the book “Fire and Fury: The Trumpet White House” by Michael Wolf, which contains unpublished works for his administration, is full of lies.

This book quotes Trump’s former adviser Steve Banon, who met with a group of Russians to which Trump’s son was present, he described as treacherous. The book also shows that Trump was surprised by his victory in the presidential election.

Trump’s lawyers tried to prevent the publication of the book “Fire and Rage: The Trumpet White House”, which contained many claims, including that the first lady Melanie Trump was crying with sorrow after winning her husband’s election, that Trump was angry with some celebrities who had ignored his inauguration, that his daughter Ivanka had made a plan with her husband to become the first female president of the United States, and that her friends had ridiculed her father’s haircut.

The book is written on the basis of 200 interviews, but some sections have already been contested and have been hit by criticism. Trump said he had not allowed Wolf’s access to the White House and that he did not embarrass him for the book, which he said was full of lies, that it was a misrepresentation of facts and that he was full of nonexistent sources.

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