God asks: “Do you believe that I know what you are doing right now?” Perhaps through this moment you are going through something that calls upon Him to act upon you. The very nature of your problem requires an answer.

Do you believe that God observes every step you take as the father who sees his child? Do you know in your heart that he has so much of your thought as you go through his head? Do you believe that he sees every tear, he hears every sigh, loves you and cares for you?

The Bible speaks of Him that He is doing just that.

“But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil; will destroy the memory of them from Earth.
When the righteous call, the Lord hears them and saves them from all their pains. “(Ps.34,16-18)

“For the eyes of the Lord see the whole earth, to help those whose heart is completely given to Him. You now act unreasonably; therefore from now on you will have wars. “(2 Chronicles 16: 9)

Do you believe that God is fully and absolutely aware of all your thoughts, pains, sorrows, temptations, financial troubles, family problems – and that he wants to save you from all that?

The psalmist says: “Like the father who loves the sons, so also the Lord loves those who fear him.” (Psalm 103:13)

The Scriptures say that God loves those who fear Him. He hugs you and tells you: “I know your concerns, your thoughts, your struggles that you are facing and I care!” Whatever you go through and what you feel, God is watching! He sympathizes with your weaknesses! He knows every step you are, everything you say and do.

God is not angry now. He loves you, He knows how you feel – and he cares! He says: “Yes, you are going through great temptations. But you are my child and I will not allow the enemy to catch you in a trap. I will deliver you from this “

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