The world’s richest man and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, reveals six innovations that, in his opinion, could change humanity. Most of the things that are on his list do not have to do with computers, but with our health and improving our lives.\

Better vaccine depots

Vaccines have saved millions of lives worldwide, but they are very quickly spoiled if not stored at appropriate temperatures. A group of scientists from Global Good from Seattle created an innovative refrigerator under the name “MetaFridge”.

It is specific in that it keeps low temperatures even when it is left without a vocation, so the vaccines in it will not be so easily spoiled. The refrigerator operates with portable ventilators, so doctors can bring vaccines to a greater distance and easier to reach children in remote areas.

Editing the genes

– Imagine the future in which we could take a DNA from a sore person, to remove the genes that cause the disease, and thus to cure, for example, the mosquito to eliminate malaria-causing genes, explains Gates.

Gene alignment is still in the early stages of development and entails a series of questions about how this technology will be used in a responsible and ethical way.

Solar fuel

– If we want to get rid of dependence on fossil fuels and climate problems, we need as many different approaches. I recently visited a laboratory at the Caltech Institute, where scientists are trying to figure out how to turn the solar energy into fuel, Gates said.

And we are far from the moment when cars move on solar fuel, but the creative approach from scientists at this institute, Gates gives hope that in the near future we will be able to make an energy miracle.

mRNA vaccine

Most of today’s vaccines use weakened or inactive forms of the virus to induce our immunity to production antibodies and to prevent the disease. However, scientists are trying to use genetic material that could speed up and cheaper the development of new vaccines.

If in this way we manage to learn our body to create our own defense mechanisms, it will help us completely new ways to prevent the emergence of diseases.

Better drug intake

– If you need to take some medicine at the same time, then you know how often you forget to drink the tablet, says Gates.

The company “Intarsia” has made a small device that is embedded in the human skin and slowly releases the drugs into the bloodstream during a certain period of time.

There are several ways in which this technology can be used to prevent and control the disease, and Gates points out that this device is especially useful for people exposed to HIV. One implant of a person with HIV can protect for one year.

Artificial intelligence

– Of all the innovations on this list, I’m sure this will completely transform our way of life. I believe that artificial intelligence will make our lives more productive, more effective and easier, adds the founder of “Meirosoft”, including the change of the profession of people who will lose their jobs due to automation.

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