For a very short time, extra pounds are ejected, and most importantly – the volume of the stomach, legs and all parts that are covered with fat are reduced!

​The diet lasts for 9 days and repeats itself, which means that it lasts for 17 days. It is weaker about 10 kilograms and is not excessively strict.

​For breakfast: all days eat the fruit of choice and quantity unlimited. Fruits must be of one kind and must not be combined.

If you choose oranges, you must eat oranges only for that day, and in no way combine, for example, with apples or bananas.

​Measure the amount of meals yourself, preferably should be smaller than usual.

For rocky pulses by choice:

​- gravel, peas and other legumes


-hop salad without cheese

– Tomato and tomato sauce and olives

-macroons with tomato sauce

-2 pieces of integral bread with low caloric spread

For dinner by choice, (no bread) until 7 pm:


– Eagle Salad



-Eye, less often

-filled combinations of previous groceries


The first day should be 1 liter of water with 1 drained lemon.

THE SECOND DAY is a single liter of water with 2 prunes of lemons.

THIRD DAY, drink a liter of water with 3 prunes of lemons …

​.. and everything so long as you get to 9.dec. When drinking 1 liter of water with 9 priced lemons.

​Then it counts back: 10. day is actually 8.den (1 liter of water and 8 lemons), 11. one is actually 7.den (1 liter of water and 7 lemons), then 12.det is actually 6.dec (1 liter of water with 6 lemons), etc.

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