Many have already heard about the benefits that the body receives during the intimate relationship, but did you know that you can cure some diseases if you often make love? Read in the sequel what is more precisely concerned.

1. Cardiac disorders

If you are often intimate, sex will help in the good functioning of the heart. In the words of experts, regular love is associated with reducing the risk of heart attack and other heart disease.

2. Headache

To calm the headache, this practice is very effective because it releases oxytocin and increases endorphins. These hormones help the body and mind to relax naturally, so sex can reduce your headache.

3. Depression

Leading love improves self-confidence, and thus functions as a kind of natural antidepressant.

4. Insomnia

When you are in a state of maximum relaxation, tension is released. There are chances to fight the insomnia if you have relationships right before you lie down.

5. Urinary incontinence

Sex can also help you fight urinary incontinence because it strengthens the pelvis and prevents unwanted urine leakage.

6. Influenza

Believe it or not, loving you also heals the flu, so if you’re sick, now you know how to get rid of this disease the easiest way.

7. Inflammation of muscles and painful joints

If you want perfect relaxation, intimacy is the best solution because sex is a natural exercise for relaxing tight muscles and painful joints.

8. Dry skin

Making love can help you have a beautiful skin, because it expels toxins through sweating, which is really important in maintaining the appearance of the skin.

9. Diseases of the prostate

Sex can also help reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

10. Breast cancer

Love is a protective barrier against breast cancer in the same way as prostate diseases. Breast stimulation causes the woman to release oxytocin, which protects against the appearance of this type of cancer.

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