Let’s be honest: Social networks control our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. When we think of the term “social networks”, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter fall into our minds. There is no doubt that Facebook is the most used and widespread social network of today. People share too many things on Facebook. They share everything, starting with what they ate for lunch, until the reason why the day was upset. Some individuals discover things that should not be discovered. We can freely say that we have gone a bit too far when it comes to Facebook.

6 tactics that use Facebook to control your mind and create addiction

If we take this all the way, although social networks really help us stay connected, we must admit that they are simultaneously controlling our minds. The control of the mind is the root of all the consequences of the evil social giant called Facebook. In order to be able to help, you first need to become aware of the tactics that Facebook uses to control our minds …

1. Stimulation by means of notifications

The sound we hear from our phones and computers when we get a liking, comment, sharing or message, stimulates the brain. Do not you feel great when you see that some of your announcements get lots of likes? For the same reason, casinos use flashing lights to stimulate gamblers. The sounds we hear when we receive a notification on Facebook, our mind perceives them as getting attention, and we are all eager for attention. That’s why many people are glued to their phones 24/7.

2. Opportunity to “puff up” / Feeling fake power

We all now have a place where we can “puff up”. In this way, we think that all the things we have to say are more influential than they really are. We can join Facebook and say virtually everything we want to say because people will react to it. We publish things that either we think people will like or think that they will irritate them, in order to get a reaction.

3. Causes dependence

Some people so much like the likes they spend all their time to get as much as possible from them. This in some way programmates people to “play” to impress the rest. It’s a round of no exits. Facebook wants to become addicted to attracting attention.

6 tactics that use Facebook to control your mind and create addiction

4. Identification of persons

Did Facebook ever suggest you tag someone in the photo you added because you recognized that person from your friends list? Although many do not think about this, it is something very alarming. It seems that Facebook documents our faces. Did you know that Facebook made a program that allows them to turn on the front camera of your smartphone without your knowledge and analyze your face while you are looking at what’s on the social network? This is a really terrible cognition, do you agree?

5. Analysis of public reactions

Facebook oversees everything that interests us. He knows how we react to different events, whether they are political, cultural, or the like. They can also find out if we believe in government propaganda. Facebook knows everything.

6. Facebook is constantly following you

Facebook follows everything that’s happening to you. We publish our opinions, the food we like, the celebrities we hate and the like. Facebook can freely make your profile based on things that interest you, but also to recognize what kind of people you are.

Have you ever thought about all these things? We are sure that after all this information, you will ask yourself if you need to spend as much time on Facebook.

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