Sometimes maybe it does not look like this, but everything is possible if you want it hard enough. All you have to do is remember to see the wider picture, but also not to be afraid to look outside the context. This is the only way to succeed in accomplishing what you really want. Look at this teaching story that was actually part of a job interview in which only 1 candidate from the 200 reported gave the correct answer. Will you be able to overcome the boundaries of your thoughts and find the right solution?

A brief puzzle with an incredibly instructive message: Will you be able to find the right solution?

During an evening with a terrible storm, you and your car drive home. Suddenly you pass by a bus station where you notice three people:

  1. An elderly lady who seems to be on the edge of death
  2. An old friend who saved your life
  3. The perfect partner or partner you’ve always dreamed of

Which of these people would you offer transportation, bearing in mind that your car has a place for just one of them? You could take the old lady because she dies in order to save her. You can also take the old friend who saved your life, to return to him for his good deed. But do not forget that you may never again have a chance to find the love of your life if you decide to leave it behind.

Think Well, What Would You Do?


    The solution is very easy, if you open your mind. Simply give the keys to your old friend’s car to take the elderly lady to hospital, and you stay at the station to wait for a bus together with the person of your dreams.
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