The heart chakra is the fourth in a row and is located in the middle of the thorax, where the heart is located. In the chakra column in our bodies, it is located exactly in the middle and connects the lower and upper three. Through the lower chakras we are connected with the earth, and through the upper ones with cosmic energy and the spiritual world.

What will happen to you when your heart chakra is opened?

The heart chakra is like a transformer. It transforms the earth’s energy and physical realities into vibration information sent to the upper chakras and the universe. The same goes for vice versa. The energy of the universe enters our chakra at the top of the head, and travels down the other chakras. This energy is transformed into the heart chakra and manifested in the physical reality.

The heart chakra also unites both the male and female energies that are needed to create. Each of us is a creator in the proper sense of the word. Regardless of gender, each of us has male and female energy with which we can create. In order to be able to create with responsibility and in full meaning, we go through many incarnations on this planet to learn about the consequences of sinful creations, as well as the universal joy and harmony in everything that exists. When the heart chakra is fully functional, its energy is spread and treated by the rest of the chakras, and the process of treating the entire body begins.

Through the heart chakra we receive energy from the environment that gives us information about whether something is or is not in harmony with the universe. When there is harmony, the feeling in the heart chakra is wonderful. We feel the endless joy that we want to stay. We feel love that we want to convey to others with joy. We feel alive and fulfilled. Chaos and lack of harmony cause pain, that is, our heart times.

Our heart is the main indicator of whether we are creating something right. Through the heart chakra we feel the universal love and the connection with the whole universe. But we also feel the pain of others and we sympathize with them.

When we do not know how to cope with the unbearable pain, our heart closes. With our imbalance we cause pain to others, because they also feel our pain. We close our heart so that we do not feel the pain, but we cease to feel universal love. We forget how it looks and we become insensitive. Then we start to use more and more the logical mind, and hence our own. Through it, fear, hatred, anger and passion arise. But through the ego, the love that is often confused with the true universal and cosmic love arises. This is a chain reaction to which the end is near, because it is time to re-open the heart chakra.

When the heart chakra starts to reopen, the first thing we will experience is endless joy and excitement. Feeling of freedom and love for all and everything that surrounds us. The strength of this feeling varies from person to person. It depends mostly on how much the person is ready to overcome the fear of it with his own heart again to feel the pain of others.

The energy flowing through the heart chakra again activates the process of transforming energy from the upper and lower chakras, as well as the process of uniting male and female energy. In this way, we again get our forgotten ability, that is, we begin to create our reality. This time, we will finally know how to do it, because through many incarnations we have experienced various forms of chaos, pain and suffering.

The vast experience we have gained enables us to overcome the fear of pain and to restart the process of love again. There is still chaos in our world, so in the initial phase of the opening of the heart chakra we will feel the pain of others. And to the extent that physical chest pain can occur. This pain can cause re-closure of the heart chakra, but it is only a process of adjustment and harmony with the harmony that everyone will feel.

The more people will open their hearts, spread love to others and help them overcome fear and open their hearts. Universal Love unites.

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