Normal ears wax can be between orange and ocher color, but the yellow or green wax, ear in the ear or leak from the ear can be an indicator of infection.

1. WOOL OR GREEN ear wax

“If you notice that the wax has a green, yellow, black or white color, it is very likely that an infection is present, so it is necessary to visit a doctor.

Infections occur in a very short period of time and it is often impossible to determine the cause of their infection, “said Benjamin Tewel, an Otorhinolaryngologist from New York.

​2.If there are “snowflakes” in the ear wax

​”If the skin from the inside is peeling and” wrinkles “appear in the ear wax, it is likely that you have an eczema. If this condition lasts longer, there is an opportunity for the person to suffer from psoriasis, which is not so common, “- warns Dr. Tewell.

​3. The ear wax has Miris

​Wax wax must never have a smell. The smell usually means that there is an infection in the body.

​”From the experience I can say that patients themselves notice the strange aroma of wax, but sometimes other people warn about it. Anyway, you need to go to a doctor and check if it’s an infection or something else, “explains Dr. Tewell.

​4. The ear wax leaks from the ears

​”It is normal for your ears to be wet after exercise, but if you wake up in the morning and see the yellow spots on the pillow in wax or ears, there is a waxy wax, it’s a sign of infection or chronic ear disease,” explains Dr. Twel.

Why is there a scar and itching in the ears?

5. You can feel the ear wax

​”If you can feel the wax in your ear canals, it could mean that the wax is thickened and blocked, so you should go to your doctor’s treatment,” says Dr. Tewell.

Contrary to the grounded thinking, the eyebrows do not clean their ears, but with them most people push the wax deeper into the ear canal, which can result in waxing, irritation, and even damage to the eardrum.

​6. Your eyes are scratching because of the wax

​Everybody sometimes scratch the ears, but if it’s always happening, it’s a signal that something is wrong with your ears.

​”Eating in the ears or around the ear canal can be a symptom of infection,” explains Dr. Twel.

​7. The ear wax is dry or dark

​If you notice that wax becomes thicker or drier over time, it is a normal sign of aging. And there is no place for worry because it’s not a disease.

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