What is the answer to the mystery over the human code: RH negative blood is alien

Do you have a RH negative blood type, or you know someone who has it … it appears that have no explanation in the system of nature that a person knows, and become a myth of a phenomenon attributed to extraterrestrial sources.

There are differences between people with RH positive, and RH negative blood type, and that science has established it. If the difference is irrelevant, it would not even emphasize and scientifically study. But the difference is greater than it just looks like, because those who have a RH negative blood group are a convincing minority in the world, are located in small and well-defined territories, the union and creation of descendants between the two blood groups until recently was a risky phenomenon, and finally the negative are also intellectually dominant. So, however, there was no small difference.\

Whether the negative blood group is only chemistry, or is a remnant of our great-great ancestors who came to earth from the universe and settled here. If you just look at the illusion below, you will see the arrhythmia of people born with a RH negative blood type, and you will notice that they are almost completely distributed along the midpoint of the globe, from the beginning to the end of the world map.

Why do people with RH negative blood type have high IQ? Why Do They Feel Like Being Different Compared With Others? Many mysteries hide in human health precisely in blood and DNA. Only 85 percent of people have a monkey gene called the RH factor (RH factor) and it has been named after the Rhesus monkey, for whom this gene was first discovered. RH negative blood group is resistant to many diseases, and even the HIV virus claim scientists.

Scientists were making trials to find the difference between RH negative and RH positive.

The findings were shocking. People with RH negative are over-average intelligence, hypocrites, have lower body temperature, higher sensitivity to heat and sunlight, can not get transfusion from RH positive donor, have reddish or blue hair color, green or dark brown eyes! Some of them even have additional vertebrae or ribs!

Negative blood did not inherit the original evolutionary path, but as someone to carry out an intervention on the other. This is also the explanation for advanced DNA.

In Iraq, 18,000 Sumerian clay tablets have been found that clearly identify the one who gentically modifies the human race, and his name is Anunaki. His symbol is two twisted snakes, which represent the double-spiral spiral of human DNA, which until today is used as a symbol in the medical profession.

Annunaki is an intelligent and highly technologically developed civilization of reptiles from the planet Nibiru that has an elliptical orbit, according to the worshipers of this theory. According to them, the land is their colony after the last ten thousand years – that is, after a great flood in which Atlantis and Lemuria disappear.

Although all religions in the world hide the truth, Anunaki did not create us through genetic engineering, physically and emotionally similar. Molecular biologists have found that human DNA has 25,000 genes consisting of over 3 billion chemical bases. It is assumed that 27% of our DNA is unnecessary, ie dysfunctional!
This shocking discovery made scientists believe that perhaps our genetic code was written by an alien programmer who wrote two versions of our genetic code, a large code, and a source code.

Population RH – RH +
European 16% with negative – 84% positive with positive blood type
African origin 0.9% versus 99.1%
The remaining 0.1% versus 99.9%

This has led many scientists to consider that our genetic code is written by an alien programmer who has written two types – basic and large code.

Our dysfunctional DNA is hidden and sleepy, so only our new code works. The data show that our genetic programmer deliberately disabled the functioning of many genes and left us to use only 3% of our DNA!

We often hear how royalty members marry their relatives. Even Prince Philip, Elizabeth II’s husband is her second-degree relative. Although ordinary mortals ridicule their incessant incest, they know very well what they are doing. All members of the royal family have RH negative and at no cost do not interfere with the remaining 85% monkey gene.

Precisely because of this, hemophilia is called a royal disease because it is created by mixing the RH negative blood type and RH positive blood type. To prevent this disease, marriages between relatives are prohibited by law. Scientists have proven that when a woman with RH negative remains pregnant with a partner with RH positive, her body refuses and kills the fetus, so there is a medical intervention.

The phrase “Blue Blood” comes from the RH negative blood type because it oxidizes into blue. This blood is based on copper, while the rest are based on iron, as it is claimed that this blood becomes cloudy-green in coagulation.

That blood relationship is important is also the fact that all US presidents are in close or distant cousin relationships, and part of this elite family are many celebrities such as Hugh Hefner, Madonna, Merlin Monroe, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Celine Dion, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and many others.

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