You surely think it’s too early to talk about spring trends, but you’re lying, because fashion is always to be at least one step ahead of the current season. That’s why all modern girls are already preparing their favorite fashion combinations for the beautiful time. If you want to be prepared for the warm sunshine sunshine, these are the six trends that you must know, and you can carry the majority of them now.


1. Dark denim

When the spring arrives, almost all of them wear strong and bright colors, but this will not be the case with the jeans. In the new season, there will be dark shades, even in black.

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2. Oriental print

The most popular spring print receives an oriental transformation and this season will be carrying flower pieces of clothing inspired by the Middle East.


3. Satin

The delicate fabric will dominate the season that follows, and it looks best on feminine dresses and sophisticated blouses.


4. Frowned coats

Classic mantillas in the new season will little “detach” and will be decorated with cartoons and other interesting and unusual details.

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5. Emphasized shoulders

The trend of the eighties on whose return nobody hoped again brings back the fashionable shoulders in the fashion. But if you are not a fan of jacket with pillows, you will be in a trend with a blouse that has a slightly larger sleeves.


6. Pastel shades

This spring, a baby pink is accompanied by all the other pastel shades, and the most popular will be the purple, which is announced as a hit for 2018.


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