The picture result for a man is unique


The Law of Normality  

Everyone looks normal until you meet them.

Law of Hearing

If you do not think anyone is listening to you, try to flip.

The Law of Uniqueness

Always keep in mind that you are unique. Like everyone else.

The law of persuasion

Never check the depth of the water with both feet.

The Law of Care

If you do not think anyone is worried if you are alive, try to skip the loan war.

Declaring law

If you do not succeed in the first, the parachute is definitely not for you.

The law of borrowing

If you borrow 20 euros and you never see it again, it’s probably worth those money.

The law of perversity

Do not worry: it looks perverse just the first time.

Law of duplication

The quickest way to double up to 1000 EUR is to fold them in half.

There is no law

There are two main theories about countering women. None is valid.

The law of experience

Experience is something you will not get until the moment passes when you need it.

The Law of Passage of Time

Time does not go equally. Much depends on which side of the toilet door you are in.

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