Our angels are always around us, they guide us and give us protection. Sometimes, we are not fully aware of their presence, but that does not mean that we can not get their message. In the picture below you can see 4 celestial symbols used for a specific purpose in the angelic kingdom. Take a close look at it and choose the one that attracts you most. Then, read your angelic message …

Choose a heavenly symbol and read your inspirational angelic message


If you chose a bell, it means that you are going through an “awakening”. Bells were used during religious services and celebrations. The sound of the bell purifies stagnant energy and accelerates the emergence of new opportunities, people, interests, ideas and good health.

If you are dreaming of a bell, your angel asks you to make “spring cleaning” in the living area where you have difficulty. When you do this, the door to communicate with the angels will be completely open to you, because the blockade will be removed.


If you have chosen a crown, this means that your angel puts you a crown on your head as a sign of congratulations. You may have been wise enough to use your skills despite all the challenges. If you have succeeded in doing so, you have probably become more pervasive.

It is no coincidence that the crown is placed at the top of the head, at the place where the crown chakra is located. This energy center is very important for all spiritual connections. If you dream of a crown, be very happy! This means that you are on the path to spectacular spiritual development.


The harp produces music that resonates with a special frequency and has a reassuring effect. Your angel wants to tell you that a period full of peace, acceptance and happiness is waiting for you. If you have felt a little sad or disappointed with your life, your angel tells you to relax and enjoy the future. Feel the sun’s rays on your face, enjoy life. You just have to accept the peace that comes to you.

Everything will be fine, the enlightenment you are looking for will soon arrive. If you dream of a harp, your angel reminds you that you only need to choose the right moment. Believe that there is a heavenly order to be subdued.


The sword is a symbol of Archangel Michael. If you chose this symbol, it means that you are consciously or unconsciously calling this archangel for help and protection. He can help you defeat the internal demons, unhealthy habits, fear, negativity, and doubt in themselves. You may wonder if you are special enough to get an angelic message. The answer is yes! If you can be good at least to one person or animal, then you deserve angelic attention.

The main thing of the earth’s angels is to promote the effect of the waves. Every small wave that you will create when you show kindness, raises another small wave, until a large wave is created. Earth and humanity are going through a crisis period and they need more such waves to survive. That is why your kindness is of great importance to the angels!

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