JANUARY NIGHT COMING SOON DONATE REMEMBER: After 150 years in the sky, “super bloody blue moon”!


The last night of January, the sky will be covered by a triple lunar phenomenon that has not been seen in the last 150 years, the appearance in the sky that is expected today is a “super bloody blue month”.

According to Reuters, hundreds of people gathered today in the Beijing Planetarium waiting for the evening to witness this phenomenon that last occurred during the last Chinese Empire Ching dynasty that ruled between 1644 and 1911.

Tonight will be the full eclipse of the month, but simultaneously with it and the phenomenon known as the “blue month” and the appearance of the supermodel or “moon of the moon”, or the moment when the moon is at the point nearest to Earth.

“Vučji Mesec”, according to Si-En-En, is 14 percent higher and 30 percent brighter than usual, and occurs around approximately every 13 months.

The Blue Month is the second full month in a calendar, which usually occurs every two years and eight months.

This very rare triple phenomenon will be visible from some parts of Asia, North America, the Middle East, Russia and Australia.

As NASA described, the blue month and the “moon moon” are phenomena that are not so rare, but such a triple astronomical phenomenon where these two phenomena occur simultaneously in combination with the Moon’s eclipse, last occurred on March 31, 1866.

During the eclipse, the Mesec will slip into the Earth’s snout and completely convert the disc to orange or red, causing the “blue” Mesec to become “bloody”.

Alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth lasts an hour and 16 minutes. In the western part of the United States and Canada, it will be visible before dawn, and in the Middle East, in eastern Russia, in Australia, and in New Zealand in the evening, when the Moon arrives. Unlike the occurrence of the Sun’s Eclipse, the eclipse of the Moon can be safely viewed with the naked eye.

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