Does it seem to you that sometimes, however much you try, some things do not go right? It is possible to work on the backlog of karma from the past life to which you have to work and finally to finish that story. So if you want to find out if you’re dragging something from your past life, do not think about choosing a crystal star – one that will instantly attract you. Your choice will reveal the unresolved karma of your past life …

Choose a star and you will discover your karma from the past life


Star number 1 – Departure from unhealthy relationships

In the past, most of the time you spent alone, isolated and you felt abandoned by everyone. That is why in this life your relations are very important and you will do everything to prevent decay. It may be family, friends or colleagues at work, as well as a romantic relationship with someone.

You see only the good in people, and not what is bad, that is, you see only what you want, regardless of reality and how much it may be related to the toxic. When that happens, you continue to fight for that relationship longer than is necessary and healthy.

All this is the result of your fear of loneliness and the fear that you will not get the justification from others. You need to learn how to recognize the warning signs that will save you in the future from pain, heartbreak, and disappointment.

Star number 2 – sabotaging oneself and your goals

In the past, you did things you believed in, but they were not well thought out, so the results were missing. These decisions made you both at risk both yourself and others, both financially and physically. This resulted in a loss of confidence in oneself.

There is a way to resolve this. You need to find time to think well before deciding something, that is, to notice everything you have done successfully and wisely in previous years.

Also, do not ask too many people to tell you what they think or advise you. If you are too demanding from others to guide you, then you will be even more embarrassed because you will not go on your own way.

Star number 3 – Difficulties in trusting other people

In the past, you have often been a victim of fraud and disrespect, so you have lost confidence in other people.

You also became very serious. This has also happened to you in this life, so you should work on this problem. You are attracting people for your confidence to be tested. Try to listen to your intuition and trust it when people are concerned.

The signs are constantly around us, so you need to look out for them to find out if someone is a good or a bad person. Set aside time to build relationships with people around you in order to get to know them better before you start judging. It’s also good to get to know them in every light before deciding to be your friends or partners …

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