Give yourself a few minutes for yourself! Find a quiet and peaceful place at home or at work and take a look at this picture. Choose your guardian angel and read your heavenly message. Are you ready to learn more about yourself?

Consider this picture in peace and quiet and choose your guardian angel

Picture under number 1

You have a mother’s side and you are constantly worrying about the people around you. But you have to learn when to ask for help. Do not feel conscience when you receive a gift, because it blocks your energy. Learn how to accept help. Acceptance will help you hear the angelic voices, see beauty in nature, enjoy the warm moments and embraces of people. Simply, learn to say “Thank you” for each gift.

Picture under number 2

Often you feel unbalanced due to stress and the responsibilities you have everyday. Your angel wants to feel peace and resolve the disagreements you have with friends, loved ones and colleagues. You must remember that there are cases where your natural balance has been broken due to problems that you have not caused. The challenges arise when important changes occur and you do not know the end result. You must think positively at such moments. Try to relax and believe that you will soon regain your positive balance in life. Be patient and allow your guardian angel to take care of the rest!

Picture under number 3

If you have chosen this guardian angel, this means that you are trying to cure some old emotional pain. The first thing that will come to mind is the problem you are trying to solve. Then when you get rid of anger, guilt, and other emotional wounds, you will awaken your inner power and attract all that you desire. During your recovery, remember that you deserve love and a happy heart.

Picture under number 4

You have successfully resolved the problems of the past and have put an end to your karmic lessons. You may have recently faced some challenge or an upsetting experience with a person who caused you great pain. Although there are some of the lessons we face over the course of our lives, you will never have to repeat this lesson. Adjust the good and bad experiences of life. Everything will pass, so stay focused, ground and stable.

Picture under number 5

The fast pace of your everyday life does not allow you to take time for yourself and enjoy yourself. When was the last time you did something to feel good? Prepare yourself a special meal and enjoy each bite! Watch children or animals playing and join them. Hug your loved one. Take time for a walk. If you feel guilty for enjoying yourself, take air and remember that you should enjoy life. If we do not allow pleasure, we can forget how we feel. Turn on your senses and connect with your life essence. Joy and pleasure are the basic ingredients for a happy life.

Picture under number 6

Awake the child inside and recall the beautiful and simple things in life. Angels confirm that you are on the right track. Focus on your dreams and respect the child in you by doing what brings you happiness in life. Although you may encounter some obstacles, continue to follow your heart. Do not give up hope and the cubes will be sticking to you.

Picture under number 7

Sometimes, trying to reach some goal, we unconsciously engage in routine. We lie to ourselves thinking that when we get what we want, we will have the freedom and the power to accomplish all our desires. It’s time to let yourself do the things you really want. Think about what is going to make you happy to start the day. What is it that fills your body with excitement and causes you to smile in your soul? Find a way to fulfill your life with the things that awaken your passion.

Picture under number 8

You are undergoing a profound transformation. You have managed to solve the problems of the past and now your true nature comes to light. Continue your spiritual journey and be as it is. You have something to offer to the world. Love is enchanting because it can create changes. The love you carry within you will touch all the people around you. Spend more time in nature to maintain the magic that exists in you. Your consciousness will soon wake up and it will have a magical effect on your life.

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