Valentine’s Day is Near! If you have not yet conquered the heart of sympathy, you are surely ready to do whatever it takes to find love. Why not try one of the following love spells used in different countries in the world? Continue reading and select your favorite magic …

10 powerful love spells used in different places in the world

China: The years are important

You certainly do not care about the years when it comes to love, but in China age is a very important factor. In this country it is believed that if there is a difference of 3 or 6 years between the partners, the relationship will be unsuccessful and unhappy. Instead, you should look for a partner who will be 4 or 5 years older or younger than you.

Haiti: Get away from brooms

Is sweeping your most hated homework? You are lucky! If you live in Haiti as a single girl, you should run away from all the people who are throwing a broomstick near your feet. It is believed that if the broom approaches your feet, you will never find true love.

Armenia: Eat salted bread

After the hard days, there is nothing more beautiful than a huge glass of red wine, cheese and crunchy bread. But do not forget to add some salt if you want to fall in love. In Armenia, single girls should eat salted bread during St. Sargis’s feast. If you honor the saint of love, the Armenians believe that you will have a dream where you will meet the man you will marry. But how will you know if he is? Your future husband will offer you some water to quench your thirst after your salt.

10 powerful love spells used in different places in the world

Sweden: Hide coins in your shoes

According to tradition, parents must put coins in the shoes of the bride as a sign of a successful and healthy marriage. The mother should put a gold coin in the right shoe, and the father should put a silver coin in the left shoe. Do not forget the coins if you plan to get married in this country!

Russia: Give an odd number of flowers

Did you lose your head on a girlfriend? You may be planning incredible love meetings and sending messages continually because you can not stop thinking about it. But to make sure your love succeeds, Russian folklore claims that flowers can help you. Just give her an odd number of flowers! It is considered a sign of respect and admiration. On the other hand, giving a couple of flowers is suitable for funerals.

Sweden: Watch where you go

If you ever live in Sweden, be careful not to expose the letter “A”. The letter “A” represents the word for sewage, ie “avloppsvatten”, while the letter “K” is a mark for clean water or “kallvatten”. Swedes associate this with love and broken heart. If you step on “K”, it means that something nice will happen to you, while if you step on “A” it means you will not be lucky.

India: Get married with a banana tree

You can not choose where and when you will be born, but in India, your zodiac sign can bring you good or bad news for your love life. According to the legend, women who are “manglik” were born under the influence of Saturn and Mars in the 7th house of marriage, love, and relationships. It is believed that these girls are not only lucky, but also cursed. To protect themselves from evil spirits, the Indians invented a very strange tradition. Namely, these girls have to marry a banana tree. Then, the tree is cut and thus the girl is released from the curse and can marry a man.

10 powerful love spells used in different places in the world

Russia: Always sit in the middle

When you come out with friends who are happily in love, it’s very difficult for you to listen to them talking about their relationships. But the Russians advise that you should not avoid them, but that you should sit between them! If you are hiding in an angle, it is believed that you will not be married for 7 years. This belief appeared many centuries ago when “old boys” and relatives with financial problems had to sit away from other people.

India: Take a good look at your henna tattoo

If you have ever seen what an Indian wedding looks like, you must have admired the temporary haunting tattoo on the bride’s arm. This timeless tradition is truly beautiful! But if you look more closely, you will discover a superstition that has gone through generations. During tattooing, the tattoo artist hides the groom’s initials somewhere in the tattoo. Then the bridegroom must find them. If it succeeds, it means that the newlyweds will have a happy marriage. But if you do not find them, nothing will happen, because you will only need to buy a gift for the bride as a reimbursement.

Fiji: Give a gift to the bride’s father

Finally, you decided to kneel down and ask the most important question in your life. But if you do this in Fiji, you will not only ask for the hand of your beloved, but you will also need to give her a gift to her father. In doing so, you must not give cigars or brandy. Instead, you need to give away whale teeth. Yes, you read well! If you manage to do this, it is believed that your marriage will be happy and successful.

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