After frequent arguments, a Muslim in Egypt killed his wife, for she caught her reading the Bible, even though she was reprimanded by him not to do so. He, a merciless man, buried his wife, along with a few months old baby and an eight-year-old daughter. The girls were buried alive! Then he went to the police station and said that one of his uncles killed his children. While the investigation was still underway, another family member died after 15 days.

When they went to bury the man, people digging found two little girls LIVE under the ground! It spread rapidly everywhere, and the environment was shaken by what happened. The bigger little girl, having recovered little, was questioned – how they managed to survive for so many days. She said: “A man dressed in incandescent white clothes with bloody wounds on his hands came every day with us and he did not feed. He woke his mother so that she could get her sister.”

The girl was taken to the Egyptian National Television and interviewed her. It was fascinating that the host of the show was a Muslim, despite the fact that the show flowed smoothly.
She said (the hostess): “This man was none other than Jesus, because no one else could do such a thing!” Muslims believe Isa (Jesus) would do that, but the wounds in His hands mean that He was truly crucified and it is quite clear that Jesus is alive! A child could not invent such a story, and without a real miracle, it is not possible for these two children to survive, (the hostess ended).

The father was caught and sentenced to death.
It will be quite difficult for Muslim leaders to decide what to do with what happened right in them. You have to make sure that this true story will spread very quickly, because and so Egypt is at the center of events, Christ continues to change the world differently and change it!
The Lord says, “I will bless him who entrusts to me!” (Jeremiah 17).
In the Gospel of Mark 8:38, we read: “If you are embarrassed by me and because of my words in this prodigal and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of you when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”
Do not worry if some do not respond or have blasphemed. You perform your part and just shake the dust of yourself!
… Jesus Christ loves you, (you know it)!

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