“To be able to wear a new shirt, you must first remove the old man!” – 16 lessons I learned in India

Ana Šahnazarova traveled to India for three months. Returning home, delighted with everything he learned during his inspirational journey, he shared these incredible 16 points:


1. Always stay in the present moment, nowhere else

 Be always where you are, but do not rush anywhere. If you feel you should be in another place, go where you call your inner voice.

But do not forget, you do not have to go somewhere to find something. This is a very subtle fact. It means you are always present.

2. Let (let) all be as it is

Do not try to control other people and events. Do not plan, do not expect, but wish. Relax.

“Learn to stop and make a break – a break in which nothing is happening.”

Do not always be the ones who are looking for, allow yourself to appear in your life, and events to happen. Because neither one and the other appears without reason in your life.

3. Share your freedom

Give yourself the freedom to be what you are and allow others to be what they are, albeit different from you. Remember, everyone goes their own way and has their own lessons. If your paths cross – great, but if they are different – it’s good again, because everything that’s happening carries the benefit to you, for them, for all …

 4. Do not be afraid

Nothing and nothing. Change the way you do everyday things. If you feel you have to say something or do something – do it, and do not take into account formal obstacles such as “but I already have a return ticket”, “but I do not have money for that” or usually “I will not.”

Choose freedom from fears.

5. Less is more

Do not try to have it all right now. You will always get everything you need, and when something is missing you will come from your sister, brother, friend, or a random stranger. Be moderate in everything.

6. Do not bargain for people

Otherwise, you will not get the experience you want. You will never stay alone, wherever you go, you will find people who are “yours”, who will delight you, inspire and fill you. When your roads rush, as much as you run for a person, you will not stay together, and from yours, as long as you run away, you will not be able to escape.

7. Release

With a smile, with love. All and all. But never do that with forgiveness forever, for nothing is ever the end. Always say “thank you and see you.”

“You can not lose something you do not have and you can not get something that’s already yours.”

8. Always water

Be water. Remember the principle of the sea wave: the wave comes and goes. And this principle applies to all: states, feelings, people, things. Nothing is static. We live in the world of movement. So do not stay in one condition – because that will change too. We can not hold anything, so do not try to do it, but be grateful at that moment as long as it lasts.

9. Listen to your inner voice

Listen to the advice of others, but do what your feelings tell you. If I was acting on my journey as other people talked to me, I would never go to Varanasi, never find the city of my dreams and still be afraid of everything, and live in the fences. Listen to yourself. Always.

10. Have confidence

In humans, in the universe, in God – call it whatever you want. Believe that everything that is happening in your life – is happening for your good. Even in the toughest moments.

11. Serve yourself a few minutes a day

Do whatever you like – meditate, critique, write, go for a walk or just enjoy the silence. Even a few minutes will help you see what you need and what has been caused by your mind, other people, illusions …

12. Like yourself

Respect your desires, dreams, body. And know that YOU MUST HAVE ALL. Everything is possible.

13. Share

Everyone and always. With a friend, with a homeless, with a dog … and never expect anything in return. How did my Guru say: “Yeah, if you just feed yourself, you’re not doing much benefit.” (Yeah, if you just feed yourself, you’re doing nothing too useful.)

14. Desire Your Desire

But be careful what you want, because that will be accomplished. Be precise when formulating your wishes.

15. To be able to wear a new shirt, you must first remove the old one

Literally and metaphorically.

16. Travel

And best – travel alone. Because wherever you go, they are always with you.

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