A wise story about how to react to envy, malice and insults

An old wise samurai was alive.

He had a group of students, and trained them with wisdom and martial arts. One day, during the training, a young warrior came to him, known for his brutality and cruelty.

His favorite tactic was a provocation: he insulted his opponent and lost patience, accepted the challenge, but he made a mistake in the rage and, of course, he lost the fight.

This is how it happened this time: the warrior exclaimed several offenses and began to watch the samurai reaction. The samurai continued quietly with the lecture.

This was repeated several times. When the samurai did not react for the third time, the warrior is angry, left the lecture.

The other students were careful, and with interest they observed this situation. After leaving the warrior, one did not stand:

– Master, why did you tolerate his attacks and insults? You should have caused him to fight!

The wise samurai replied:

– When someone brings you a gift, and you do not accept it, where will the gift end?

– With their owner – answered the students.

– The same applies to envy, hate, insults, and malice. Unless you accept them, they belong to the person who brought them.

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