Love is the thing that we are losing everything. We are changing our lives, changing our rules, treading our principles, our inn and our pride. It is love for what and why we live, what keeps us and keeps us in life. And none of us can nor to imagine that she lives without her, without all those people who are part of our lives with whom we laugh and go. We are all the same. We love that too.

And that’s why I understand you. You love everything with your heart. I understand that this person is the center of the world, that everything in your life revolves around her. I understand your hope and your tears, I also had a broken heart and know how it hurts. I understand you, because I myself loved the first one, and left it, and was left alone. And I know that love can break and kill, fall apart to pieces for her, forget that you live and dissect, forget about It’s just that big people can love it, and it’s not that simple, it’s not that simple, because many people are born without a soul and without a soul and die. So be proud of yourself if you love it. That means you are a good man, you have emotions. You are able to live, to feel and to suffer.

You can love heaven, but never pray for love.

Fight for the person you want. Try to be happy. Do your best to conquer her heart.

Fight for the person you care about. And be courageous and repulsive, and be proud of your pride, and avoid it.

Win her heart, give her a kiss.


But do not ever pray for love. Do not ever give up. Do not ever let someone make you a fool, you are a beggar of love. You always have to remember that you are worth it and never pray for love and little happiness. You can never make anyone love you. The heart is the one that chooses, and often happens to choose the wrong person. Reserve other choices. Wait if someone does not, does not want or does not like you.

Never pray for love. Your heart is too strong and strong, and do not let someone steal someone from you, somebody destroys the most beautiful part of you;

No matter how much you care, no matter how much you go, even if it seems that you will fall apart without that one person .. Do not pray. Never and nobody. Your heart is torn to the sky, if you need it, it’s better for him To suffer rather than to humiliate. Never moleke for the blur of love.

The true person will come, and she will give you everything you want. Do not expect this from the wrong one.

You can love heaven, but never pray for love.
It can come to realize that you care. Without that person you can not live. It may seem to you to fall apart and you will not be able to go further without it. But do not pray.

Do not be slaves to anyone. There is no edge of your feelings.

Pride is not important, but not because of love, it is also the last crumb of your pride. Sometimes pride is all you have. Sometimes pride is, what remains,

You can not force anyone to love you, and one to whom you will still watch how you walk. He will not hurt.

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