You wonder how you agree in love with your current partner, lover? Stacking of zodiac signs can be an important indicator. Check it out!

Did you know that astrology can reveal a level of understanding between people, seeing only their horoscopic signs?

 That is why we have been trying to find in this text all the advantages and challenges you have in love, which is determined by your sign, and then the way your features match your chosen partner.

Planning the first meeting? You have to know this, however, before you start reading, keep in mind the following: there are not two completely incompatible characters. With the effort and compromise, even a ‘tough’ astrological combination can be profitable.

Aries (21.03.-19.04.)

The Aries woman is impulsive, independent and dominant, energetic and strong. Although she is very sensual in nature, she often doubts her femininity and needs a strong man to help her feel feminine. Aries fall in love, but difficult to achieve a long-term relationship, it takes a lot of time to overcome their vanities and find the ideal partner.

Generally speaking, Aries is a challenger, so love relationship must be some type of struggle. If a partner only gives, Aries quickly gets bored. As if they manage to agree on everything and fit like pieces of the puzzle. What falls Aries are almost incompatible differences, the struggle for someone’s affection, the struggle for who is right and whose desires are to be fulfilled. The struggle for power is about what Awen’s wife arouses. Sexual activity is also very important to her, but again as a kind of challenge or battle, to be deeply satisfied with her.

This woman loves to flirt, so it’s no problem to send a drink to the first guy in the club. Men attract her self-esteem and sex appeal.

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Scales, Capricorn and other Aries are the best characters for fun, while in long-term relationships it is best fit with other fiery horoskop characters Luna and Strelce, who have enough energy to go along with it. The Aries and the Lions are very similar and they are well understood at some level of understanding, and this connection is full of guesswork. With Strelce, a woman Aries is attracted magnetically and as long as they truly communicate, this is the perfect love. They should avoid the fish that are too sensitive for them.

Taurus (20.04.-20.05.)

Woman Taurus stands firmly on the ground, very sincere and direct. In the beginning he is shy, but he is quick to warm up for a new love. It’s always a lively conversation and a lively socializing. Woman Taurus likes simplicity, including practical clothes, a neat home and no patience for games when it comes to love. Highly raised heads, a woman Taurus is a woman who is not a woman. No one wants to be caught in the horns of this girl.

For Taurus, sex is a hard job. It can be a little lazy in bed and wants the partner to do most of the work. But when it starts, it becomes persistent and does not give up until a suitable end is achieved, satisfactory for both. The bull will probably only have a few partners and longer relationships, she loves old-fashioned flirting and it takes time before she surrenders to anyone.


Taurus is in the best relationship with Scorpio, Aries or Devicom. If she wants a lasting relationship, she should decide for Capricorn or Pisces. With Jarce Deliver All: Love, Admiration, Honor, and Understanding. This is the compound for the forever. Fish are romantics in the heart, so these two people can enjoy a deep and lasting, unconditional love that will make both of them the best. Bulls should avoid Blizzards, which are too vile for them.

CLOSES (21.05.-21.06.)

Who does not love a Gemini woman? Versatile, witty, charming, with a sharp eye for fashion and incredible style, it always looks very nice. It has different interests and the ability to communicate with everyone and everything, so it constantly radiates and attracts. However, she is still Blizanac and she does not like being alone. It’s best when it’s in a dynamic but stable relationship. He loves a relationship that is carefree and gentle, and even romantic, the most important thing is that it is never boring. Her ideal partner should provide her with enough freedom to socialize, exchange ideas, and at the same time a reliable and strong support. It must be intelligent, interesting, social, communicative, but also that it is always there for it.

This is often too demanding, sometimes contradictory, so the Gemini thinks it is impossible for one person to satisfy all their needs. Then they feel a huge hole they have to fill with another person, and as a result they get two bad relationships, not one good one.

For Bliss, sex is like a game. It has to be fun, like sex in the car, little banging, little rubbing, nothing too serious. This means that neither love nor affection is necessary for the Blessers to enjoy. In fact, strong feelings and commitment are sometimes an obstacle. A woman Gemini enters words, and there is also a body language. When she is bored to play a warm-cold game.


She chooses Lava, Virgo and Scorpio for an optional connection, and when searching for a serious relationship, she needs to search for Libra or Aquarius. The Scales will appreciate the lack of jealousy and love for culture, art and entertainment, while mutual understanding is indisputable. Aquarius will always be surprised, which will make her feel alive and easily overcome all life obstacles. Cancer for her free spirit is too traditional, so she should avoid it.

Cancer (22.06.-22.07.)

Woman Cancer is a very emotional being, often prone to grief and depression. It is most important for her to find love. In order to find the perfect one, she must look for someone who shares her passion for the family. It does not satisfy the surface relationship with a partner, but only loyalty and trust in the relationship.

For Raka’s sex is the best way for two people to each other to show their love. So sex is almost sacred. Something that laments all the wounds and confirms trust, the expression of love, not just a matter of personal enjoyment. Therefore, Cancer is always trying to make this act sensual and flamboyant. In Raka, sex is giving pleasure to a partner, not just taking. Cancer puts the stage on and plays the game, which usually does not matter to his partner, as the result is quite satisfying.


If she only wants sex, Cancer will have the best match with the zodiac signs of Leo, Pisces or Capricorn. But let’s be honest, Cancer is not so interested in this. She wants a lifelong partner, whom she will find in the zodiac sign of Taurus, Device or Fish. When with the Bull, little by little, the two of them open each other and build deep love and good life. When there is love and attraction among them, Cancer and Virgo have outstanding relationships, they are responsible for the relationship and take their responsibilities seriously. With Pisces there is a natural bond, and love in which both give themselves and which can last for a lifetime. At first, the Sagittarius is very attractive, but his roaring lifestyle leads to anger, and the woman’s cancer of this man should avoid it.

Leo (23.07.-22.08.)

The wife of a lion is very strong, stable, moral and firm. In addition, this woman is truly unique, her intelligence, loyalty, steady character and unreserved devotion, attract others close to her. Proud, courageous, very creative and wide-ranging, has a great capacity to love. On the other hand, it can be superstitious, possessive and willing and does not want to accept the ideas of others.

When it comes to sex, Leo is definitely pleased. It requires attention and ending. It’s not too hard to please. The attention itself is food for her sucking, which needs to be stimulated to make her feel satisfied. The same thing is what is necessary for Lavica to be a good and caring mistress. Although this might seem like a wrong motivation, the result can be great for both.


The lion is a flamboyant sign, so in love he agrees with other fiery horoscope signs, Aunt and Luna, as well as the aura with Twins and Vag. The general rule says the Twins like to be behind the scenes, and Lav is out front, which may mean they are incompatible but also complementary. If you support your partner’s dreams, this relationship will work great. The dynamic connection between Lava and Scales makes them together radiate a special shine, especially on the social scene. If they care about each other, they can always stay together. Capricorn Lavici will never forgive her domination, so this connection is difficult.

Virgo (23.08.-22.09.)

There is nothing easy for the Device, or sex. The Virgin is looking for perfection and is ready to spend every effort and time to reach it. The perfectness required by the technical nature, while the emotions are secondary. More than most people, Devica knows exactly what she wants, loves love, as well as explores partner reactions and does exactly what her partner loves. It’s like science in the lab, improvisation is not its stronger side, as it’s not even a subtle.


When seeking non-compulsive sex, he usually gets it with someone he knows, and who is most often in the horoskop Gemini, Scorpio or Aquarius. When she wants a relationship, the people she agrees with is Taurus, Capricorn, or a fellow perfectionist Virgo. The Virgin and the Taurus have a lot in common, understand each other, the parts of the character, the values ​​and the love, perfect! It’s similar to the Capricorn – they are always there for each other and this relationship is forever. The connection between the two devices can be harmonious and dramatic, they are perfectly understood and appreciated by all the features of the partners. Aries should avoid – while the Virgo does everything in its own way, Aries always wants everything to be controlled.

Libra (23.09.-22.10.)

The Ladies Scale is dedicated to finding love. She needs a partner to balance her life. At the same time, he needs to be equal, not standing behind his partner or being treated badly.

In sex it’s all about weighing. Two people are dedicated to satisfying each other. The essence is that the opposites find the balance and thus become one, making them complete. Accordingly, the Scale wants to be equal in every possible way in this act. Not seductive or seduced, but two people contributing at the same rate. Since sex is something sacred to the Scales, she is paying close attention to the details and serious preparations, rarely entering it from the hoax. For a partner who did not give her as much as she was already doing personal satisfaction, the Scale has no patience. For, then how to become one? The scales want all the same and at the same time.

Vagom is ruled by Venus, with flirting, love and romantic gestures being her second self. They were born for flirting, use your charm, charisma and beauty and flirt with almost everyone.


If she is looking for fun, then she should find a partner in the zodiac sign Bull, Libra or Aries. If she is ready to settle, the most suitable partner will be Aquarius and Gemini. With Aquarius she enjoys a rich social life, while her man in the Gemini sign perfectly suits her, intellectually and sexually. Cancer is too dark for its light, sunny nature, and this connection will not be a hit.

SCORPIO (23.10.-21.11.)

Scorpio’s women have an energy that can not be ignored. As one of the most ambitious signs of the horoscope, they are determined to succeed in fighting boredom in everyday life. They need excitement, as well as enjoying intense sex life. Scorpio’s wife will never be happy without an incredible partner in bed. Finding love is a necessity because its physical appetite will be as strong as emotional. Like in every other aspect of life, they also refrain from loving relationships. Their strong emotions can easily pass into obsession, which makes them jealous and vindictive.

Scorpio’s wife is a master of flirting with her intense sexuality, sensitivity and suggestive disenchantment. She knows how to draw a man. He enjoys so much in the flirt that he does not want him to ever end. For them, it’s fun to give someone an avid look, a sexy smile and seductive touch.


Agreeing Horoscope Signs for Scorpio: If you just want to have a party for one night, you have to choose Taurus, Strelac or Ace, and when you are looking for a kind soul, then Pisces or Raka. The fish will allow her to take the lead while their differences are being supplemented. With Rakom it joins everything – love, passion, way of life, this relationship consists of sharing, mutual care and support. They need to avoid the Blizzard, their love of freedom can only be rude.

Sagittarius (22.11.-21.12.)

Idealist, sincere, witty and fun, a woman A Sagittarius needs a partner who gives her love, loyalty, as well as the dedication she gives to her. She seeks romance, excitement and adventure and will not tolerate boredom. Ideally, this woman will be the happiest with a loving partner who respects and encourages her love for life and the need to be independent. When she finds love with her dedicated partner, she will be dedicated to her mistress and friend.

Woman A Sagittarius is unattainable by nature, you do not see longing, lust, and such feelings. It is therefore difficult to seduce and is rarely a seductress. She loves adventure, change and flirt is for her party. She is almost always ready to pick up and go, so she can just turn her back and leave her partner confused and injured. When the Sagittarius falls in love, it is often in someone’s reach for it. So, it can happen that people are hopelessly in love with her, who is also hopelessly in love with someone. In that case, the Sagittarius has no problems with optional links.


If she wants to get rid of some sexual tension, another Sagittarius or Scorpio will be the best partner. If she really wants to emotionally bind, she needs to find Lava or Aquarius. Inventive Aquarius will no doubt follow its adventurous spirit, while Lav is able to constantly stimulate her, both in bed and outside. Very critical Virgo is not a good choice for a partner.

Capricorn (22.12.-19.01.)

On the zodiac circle, Capricorn rules the mansion house. This means that the Capricorn woman plays a traditionally male role in a romantic relationship. Her stoic nature, ambition in work and unsuspecting sexual appetite can be too frightening for many men. Family values ​​are very important for the Capricorn woman, and if Mom and Dad do not approve, her suitor, in spite of all the signals she sends, has no chance.

A woman born in a goat sign needs a partner who can keep pace with her in the bedroom, as well as with her professional success and emotionally cool appearance. It has a very sincere and simple style of flirt. She does not flirt with anyone she thinks is not interesting.

Capricorn likes to plan sexual encounters, seduction is for her kind of cooperation, precedes warming, and takes the relationship as a job. He does not like experimenting. Common things are what they prefer. Although sex should not always be in bed, but on another furniture in the house or far away from it.


If he wants something out of the ordinary, he should find a person born in Aries, Raka or Libra. For true love, you need to find a partner who is a Taurus or Device. With Devicom there are a lot of similarities when it comes to looking at life. They both want neat households and craving for success. The bull, as well as the Capricorn, money and security are very important, which will make sure that besides Taurus she feels safe. The lion for her taste is too narcissistic, so she should avoid it.

Aquarius (20.01.-18.02.)

For Aquarius, a long relationship can be very difficult to reach. Aquariums tend to shy away from commitment and dedication. Woman Aquarius is constantly on the move and can be considered unreliable or unattainable. Intimacy is a challenge for her and her emotional contribution to the relationship can be superficial. Free Spirit, Aquarius does not require a lot of love and is easily overwhelmed in connection, so it is best to reconcile with similar independent signs.

Aquarius does not like the routine, nor does it make things simple. It is sensitive to the needs and reactions of partners, but it is not so easy for a partner to read it. For Aquarius, sex is research. She wants to meet her partner through love. It is intrigued by what two people reveal about each other in moments of intimacy.

He likes to flirt, because it shows how charismatic. It does not have to be one on one to flirt; He can flirt with the whole group, using his charm, sense of humor and passion. He likes to surprise people when they are unprepared and disarm them with their flirting.


If Aquarius is located for an unqualified encounter, it will be found with Scorpio, Pisces or Leo; if it’s ready for long-term bonding, then with Gemini or Sagittarius. The shooter is, like her, social and adventurous, and a shared life will be creatively rich, fun and can last for a long time. The twins are complementary to her and together they make such a charming couple in whose company everyone wants to be. But they will not always want to, because there will be more fun in the bedroom. With the need of the Device for a permanent order, the wild spirit of Aquarius is crushed, so this connection is not a good idea.

Fish (19.02.-20.03.)

Finding love is sometimes a difficult task. This is especially difficult for a woman’s fish. Why? Because she is very romantic. Typical Fish will often sacrifice everything for love, sometimes at their own expense.

Fish needs a partner who will appreciate and appreciate her deep emotions and the one who will respond to her with intense feelings as well. She needs a sense of stability.

Fish are very sensitive to the needs of partners, so much that they forget about personal needs. For Fish, sex is an opportunity for a partner to be happy and happy, which makes them happy. Keeping love with Fish is a delicate and touching experience, so irresistibly pleasing that the partner easily forgets about her needs. She does not get angry and does not require her to return with the same measure. And when she finds a partner who does so much for her, she is in heaven. They spend a lot of fantastic time together and they never want it to end.

When it comes to flirting, Fish is often shy, so it’s most appropriate for them to flirt. Even if it does not say a single word, people notice it and play around it, because it is like a magic magnet: mysterious, sensual and sensitive.


If he does not want something serious, he should find Taurus, Vagu or Aquarius, while he will find his soul in the sign of Cancer or Scorpio. Cancer will feed her soul and her protective nature will heal inside, while her dreams will add a little spice to a loving life, which Cancer likes very much. Scorpio is very attractive for her. They will fall in love at first glance, they are both very emotional and share passion, love and romance. If they are nurtured, this connection is very strong. Its sensitive nature will nervish Vagu and therefore should be avoided.

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