Her husband was betrayed, but she stayed with him: Did she do it REAL?

The day I found out everything was a completely normal day. I dropped the kids at school, put on washing clothes, and came back home to make lunch. Somewhere between thinking about whether to prepare a pasta or gnocchi for lunch, my daily routine has interrupted my hotel account a month ago that I found in the man’s affairs. When I found out
then he was on the business trip, but he was on account for two meals of 20000 thousand and a bottle of champagne. It stabbed me in my stomach. I remember that evening, he was so sad that he was not with us that he said that he would return home earlier. He did not return, he was with another.

At that point everything became different, our entire life was put into question, and I was still sure that he would have some reasonable explanation for this. The hardest thing for me at that moment was to figure out how to tell him. I figured I’d just put my account in the box during the evening, so let me start the story. Of course, after a glass of wine, I could no longer restrain myself and asked him. He hesitated. He could not even look me in the eye, he just said, “Honey, I’m sorry.” I thought it would explode in my chest, but for a wonderful miracle, I reacted quite calmly. It’s like I attend a conversation with another two unknown people, and not participate in it.

He acknowledged that he had met a woman, from his branch, at a symposium to which he attended and started the story. He knew it was not right to flirt with another, but he did not hope he would go so far. Hah. It’s gone! They had a few drinks and after a long rejection, he said, in the end he agreed. Only he did not tell me that he was delighted that someone paid attention to him. Never before has such a thing happened and does not want to happen again.
– He started crying and he told me he loved me, he never wanted to hurt his family, me … He never saw her again or talked to her, he claimed.

Everything was in the fog

After the explosion of the bomb, everything was fog … I knew that I could not sit at a table beside him and eat as if nothing had happened. I could not even look at him, and my eyes were full of tears. I cried for days and just cried, I was avoiding him and children – I did not want you to notice anything. The only person I trusted was my sister. As far as I was just confused, shocked, and at the same time aware of all the love I felt for him. Well, we are both team, or we were. We always had fun together.

If it were an affair, the emotional rapprochement between my husband and another woman would be different. It hurt and hurt, but not as much as I thought it would. Still, everything was black for me. A week has passed, and I still felt lost, so I suggested that we go to marital therapy.

He was determined, I wanted to fix everything, but I was not sure. That gloomy first week, I thought I would never be able to move on. I kept thinking about how it looks, whether it’s more beautiful … And then I realized that this knowledge would get rid of me. We went to the consultation. I did not know what to expect, but the therapist was very good and he told us to face this event and with our feelings. My husband accepted all responsibility. I cracked myself when I asked him if I could somehow prevent it. I know that we could have a little more sex, to settle down, lose a kilo – but I always felt so loved that I did not even think about it. Until that day! Trust was destroyed.

We went to the therapist for 18 months. Sometimes I hysterically screamed, screamed, sometimes it did not matter. At one time, I thought that was still going on, so I asked him to show me all the messages. Despite everything, we continued to communicate. We did not have sex for four months, because I could not stand to touch me. When this finally happened, it was weird, but it made a great deal of relief by finally connecting physically.

Why I Left

In the extreme case, the children are responsible for it. Still, I felt and how much he was repulsive, his pain, I believed it was just a mistake. I decided that I wanted to be together, that it was not mutual, we would never have calmed down.

Where we are today

It’s been four years. The rages of rage are rare but constant. I’ll probably feel a little bit hot forever. But, in a strange way, I feel that this has brought us closer. I reconciled myself to being not perfect, and shared vacations and weekends without children contributed a lot to it. I still do not order room service, when we stay somewhere in the hotel, but at least we are team again. The most important of all is – laugh together, again.

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