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Can you get pregnant from pre-emptied fluid?

Can you get pregnant from pre-emptied fluid?

They all assure you that it is virtually impossible for the girl to remain pregnant if the unprotected relationship is interrupted in time, but the answer to the question “Can the girl be pregnant with the pre-seized liquid” is – YES.

Pregnant fluid may contain sperm, which means that a woman may remain pregnant even though the overall ejaculation does not occur in the vagina.

The predeciculatory fluid is pure, colorless and released during sexual arousal. It is similar to the seminal fluid, but with significant chemical differences.

The interruption of the sexual act, that is, the removal of the male sex organs from the female before the orgasm is the most contraceptive method. However, it does not provide 100% protection against unwanted pregnancies and at the same time protects against sexually transmitted diseases.

If you really do not want children, it’s best to decide on a more reliable method of contraception.

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