Hitler’s idea was in special homes to raise hundreds of thousands of strong children with blond hair to make up to 1972 a supernatant of about 120 million people. In addition to the death camp, the second biggest secret of the Nazi system was the so-called. the Lebensbron project.

According to the racist ideas of philosopher Alfred Rosenberg, technical details were developed by Heinrich Himmler.

The Nazi Armed Forces in that context would have increased by 600 SS divisions. With such military power, they felt that no one could resist them. This whole incredible idea of ​​changing the human race to the whole world was perhaps the mischievous idea that the team, cowered by conquered cults, alchemy and eugenics, could ever have thought up.Ideal were the Norwegians, “Viking’s descendants”

– The Nordic man is the most beautiful human being in the world. And by intelligence and by its exceptional occurrence, it is superior. The Nordic has bright hair and blue eyes, a king over kings in relation to all other members of the human race on Earth, wrote Hans Gunter, the Nazi theorist of races.



According to his criteria, the Norwegians, the “descendants of Viking,” were ideal. The Vikings, according to him, acted as ideal Aryan offspring because they had strong qualities like the Germans, and even better. Norway’s speck was not enough.

Collecting women for creating a superarius race

According to Hitler’s plan, a special “racial choice” was set up, which was supposed to gather women in the occupied countries, ie the whole world, to create the superarius race.

The agents were throughout Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the United States.

When Vermant entered the countries, the action would have gone by the selected women and ended up in Germany. the project was already in full swing.

In the middle of 1936, Himmler opened a real “Lebensbourg” in a palace near Munich. The whole family had homes for mothers and children’s homes.’

The experiment did not go according to the plan, the Nazis established a total of six special children’s homes and 17 maternity homes. Every German woman who had more than three children received the “Mother Cross” as a distinction. It was a distinction equal to the “Iron Cross” awarded for guts in Germany. However, many parts of the experiment went to the Nazi eugenics in the wrong direction.



Over many newborns over time, their hair darkened. Children who did not remain blondes had a sad fate – gasping with gas. before the end of the war, Hitler ordered the destruction of all Lebensborn children, but that order was never performed.

The Nazis wanted to exterminate all children

The Lord of the Reich, convinced that there is only one nation in the world, was convinced that the Germans deserve collective destruction. With his minister of military economics, the architect Schwer, whom Hitler adored, ordered the Führer to burn Germany.

Luckily, the pier had enough reason and enough courage to oppose Hitler’s orders. The same order from Moscow was published by Stalin. He was afraid of the resilience of the German people.

He was confident that if the Germans had not destroyed their industry in less than a decade, they would again become a danger to Russia, and ordered total destruction, but that order, for some unknown reasons, had never been carried out.

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